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  •  Stop Talking About Tax Cuts! (3+ / 0-)
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    I can't believe President Obama is back on TV talking about tax cuts! Why isn't he talking about jobs? Why isn't he talking about wages?

    I had to send a new note to the White House today:

    Taxes are not too high. Incomes are too low. It grieves me to hear President Obama talk about how his highest priority is to preserve tax cuts. That is not where his focus should be.

    His focus should be on creating jobs and increasing wages. Wages have stagnated for decades (primarily because of our poor trade agreements). This is the root of our fiscal problems. Trying to solve the federal deficit without solving that issue is doomed to fail.

    Please don't make any deal with the Republicans this year. Wait until the next session of Congress. Then, start fresh going after the jobs situation. Work on bringing production jobs back to the U.S. Work on the minimum wage, so that you can move people off government assistance and onto their own two feet.

    Republican policy has been ruining our economy for years. You should not compromise with them. Talk with the American people about what we need to do to revive the economy.

    It's time to let all the tax cuts expire. Examine each program on its merits and keep the things that work. Increase the minimum wage and re-examine our trade agreements to move more jobs back to this country. Those are the policies that work.

    When will we see an emphasis on increasing the number and quality of jobs here? I'd like to know what the President's policy is on trade and jobs.

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