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View Diary: 2012 Backyard Science Yardbird Race - final tally! (49 comments)

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  •  Castro Valley - Suburban - 40 total (9+ / 0-)

    1/1 Red Tailed Hawk
    Mourning Dove
    Annas Hummingbird
    Nuttals Woodpecker
    American Crow
    Chestnut Backed Chickadee,
    Oak Titmouse
    Red Breasted Nuthatch
    American Robin
    Townsends Warbler
    California Towhee
    White Crowned Sparrow
    Golden Crowned Sparrow
    Dark Eyed Junco
    House Finch
    Lesser Goldfinch
    American Goldfinch
    1/4 Red Shouldered Hawks
    1/7 Common Raven,
    Ruby Crowned Kinglet
    1/10 Domestic chicken (heard)
    1/12 Hermit Thrush
    1/15 Yellow Rumped Warbler
    1/16 Purple Finch
    Cedar Waxwing
    1/18 Turkey Vulture
    1/23 California Gull
        January total 28
    2/5 White Pelican
        February total 1
    3/15 Canada Goose
        March total 1
    4/8 Selasphorus Hummer (Allens/Rufous)
    4/21 Black Phoebe
        April total 2
    5/3 Brown Headed Cowbird
             May Total 1
    6/17 English Sparrow
         Band Tailed Pigeon
             June Total 2
    7/26 Selasphorus - I'm pretty sure an Allens, but don't coun't.
    9/11 Pair of White Tailed Kites,
         Western Bluebird - Juvie?
    9/24 Orchard Oriole
             Sept total 3
    12/03 Eurasian collared Dove
    12/04 Peregrine Falcon
             Dec total 2

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