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  •  one man, one glider (5+ / 0-)

    special forces glider?

    How come these aren't around anymore, that looks like some kind of fun.
    I have only seen the powered gyrocopter in one of the Mad Max movies, crikey!
    ....tictictic...aha, Wallis 116 Agile gyrocopter used in the James Bond movies...heh...

    ..then there's

    In this scheme, it was proposed to integrate combat aircraft ejection seats with a small autogyro or rotor kite to allow downed pilots more control over their post-ejection landing spot
    but this looks tooooo  agricultural for post war..tictictic...single ski so not for take off, just jets at the rotor tips, no visible engine, few controls, really simple hub gear...

    I'll go with RAF copy of the German recon sub launched/towed gyrocopter..but the ski doesn't look good for sub or water landing soooo..

    ...maybe the

    B-8 Gyro-Glider - unpowered rotor-kite intended to be towed behind a car

    ok, here tis:

    The Rotachute.
    yer welcome, what'd I win?

    but the later versions had two wheels, this has a ski...hmmm. Maybe a seekrit project wiki doesn't know about.

    besides having the fun of looking thru 10 similar pages of very interesting wiki pages.
    Rotor Kite
    Cierva C30
    Focke Achgelis Fa 330
    Bensen B-8M
    List of rotorcraft...and if they are so dang popular how come I have never seen one fly despite living near and airport?
    Hafner Rotabuggy
    Flying tank

    and then there are the pages about military gliders...

    visited two museum collections, not listed, hmmmm, altho the roof looks like the Duxford roof.

    I give.

    This machine kills Fascists.

    by KenBee on Tue Jan 08, 2013 at 08:56:07 PM PST

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