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  •  If President Obama had lived up to great promise (0+ / 0-)

    I believe he might have followed as another truly great President, but alas, for all of the throngs of self-proclaimed progressives who have followed him like so many acolytes through these years, what he reveals in these negotiations is that the art of the deal matters much more than any presumed core principles.

    It is no wonder he described President Ronald Reagan as transformational--it is so evident now that President Obama could not then, much less now, understand the deleterious effects of Reaganomics.

    We Clintonites were ever fully aware of the 42nd President's peccadillos, and understand why he governed as a centrist.  Bill Clinton's coming up short on gay rights, on national health care reform, or allowing for bank de-regulation and promulgating NAFTA has made him the whipping boy of scores of bloggers on this Left-leaning site and elsewhere, and of course he was early on excoriated by the Right for so much else besides.

    Yet the long reign of comparative peace and prosperity in his administrations, of achieving balanced budgets and ultimately a golden surplus, and of his incalculable role on peace processes in the Middle East and in the Ireland accords--these his adversaries both Left and Right attribute to extraneous causes.  It so pains them, most profoundly, to acknowledge that Clinton is a Rhodes Scholar genius who in fact orchestrated so much that was good in that now quite fondly remembered period.  

    His adversaries are ever quick to point out his being impeached (though for no just cause), and for all that he did not achieve or permitted to happen--even though he has long been the target of some of the most ferocious of calumnies.   Yet today, his administrations are in fact the most fondly remembered by most Americans (removed from sites like this one), and he is regarded as far and away the most cogent and compelling "explainer of stuff" than is any other living politician--and that most certainly includes President Obama.

    And no, Bill never had the golden signature programs of three generations of Democrats--Social Security and Medicare--on anybody's negotiating table.  

    With his Global Foundation and CGI Conferences having had immeasurable positive impact upon millions throughout the planet, Bill Clinton is unquestionably in the eyes of a greater majority--not of course represented in sites like this one on the Left or of its counterparts on the Right--one of our near-great Presidents.

    As my eighty-eight year-old mother explained on this New Year's Eve: "In my lifetime, I have truly loved only three Presidents: FDR, JFK, and Bill Clinton. None of the others have had their impact."

    Sadly, the great promise of President Barack Obama, with his signature Obamacare as his now obvious greatest legacy, is riding for a fall, as his second term looks to all but capitulation to all that ever was held as sacred to the brand called Democrat.  

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