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  •  That's really my point (1+ / 0-)
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    I don't expect or advocate for a hard line left position with no compromise on every single issue across the board.

    But starting from the premise that the liberal policies are what's best for the vast majority of Americans and then educating them on why that is so, before compromising, is a preferable strategy to adopting the right's irrational concerns for debt over growing the economy and negotiating to do less harm is a futile long term strategy against the right wing borg.

    Another diary lauding the compromise points out the gnashing of teeth on the right as evidence of our under appreciated "victory", but having personally witnessed the right wing propaganda in America for forty years I can assure him this is their job, first and foremost.

    I can assure all of our bemused foreign observers the right would be bitching even if we dug up Milton Friedman and laid him permanently in a monument at the entrance to the Treasury Department and made Ayn Rand's birthday a national holiday - that's what they do.  

    "extravagant advantage for the few, ultimately depresses the many." FDR

    by Jim R on Tue Jan 01, 2013 at 08:04:36 AM PST

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