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View Diary: House GOP shoves Hurricane Sandy relief off the cliff (99 comments)

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  •  How do we reveal the game? (0+ / 0-)

    "John Boehner is more worried about hanging on to his job as Speaker of the House than delivering essential assistance to millions of Americans"

    Of course he is and we all know it.  I'm glad it's getting called out here, but how do we get the whole country to understand this?  

    It's time us "libruls" start going "all Fox News" on these dirtbags who have power.  Their tactics need to be revealed and condemned every day.  The media who cover these gangsters know what's going on but they don't reveal the game.  
    We need to push back and challenge everyone who plays the false "both do it" game.

    For most of us, it's boring to say the same things every day.  
    The wingnuts never get bored with pushing the same (usually false) memes.  Did anyone have a holiday experience with a relative who pushed the meme that Hilary is faking it?  "Suddenly she's sick so she doesn't have to testify?"  
    That nonsense keeps us off important discussions. How do we get these idiots to cut the soap opera and work on real things?
    Right now the Republicans are saying, anonymously, that they want to bring Obama to his knees on the debt.
    These drama queens need a big, big push back from Americans to stop the petty games. How do we do that?

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