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  •  The idea that the Republicans are wailing and (4+ / 0-)

    gnashing their teeth, let alone clutching at pearls while they search for their fainting couches, to me doesn't show that the Democrats are finally acting the way Democrats should.  To me it's just proof that the Republican supporters are so far out in the right wing weeds that they think this isn't a win for them.  I mean, when Boehner says that he got 98% of what he wanted and the Republicans got upset over that last fight, now they're upset that they didn't get all they wanted yet they still protected taxes on the uppermost (don't forget their taxes are still lower than they were during Clinton's tenure), they still get to have their spending cap fight in a couple of months and they still are being touted as the deficit reducers and job creators when they've voted for higher deficits and blocked all jobs bills for the last two years.

    The problem with them is they want it all now without compromise, and even when they get things they just wail wanting even more.  The goal posts are so far right there's no chance for them to be moved back to any kind of center, and they're still throwing temper tantrums.

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