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  •  I got it at beginning of November (N. Virginia) (0+ / 0-)

    Given that it was viral I didn't get antibiotics for it, just took sudafed to try to keep my sinuses clear (I tend to get sinusitis) and a decongestive cough medicine to help control the cough and clear out the mucus. They didn't work well, however.
    The virus hung on for a good six weeks with chills, night sweats, a wheezing incessant cough and bad head congestion--I had to get on a plane the second week of December and thought my ears would never get over it.
    I started taking long naps just before Christmas and that finally seemed to help clear it up.
    Fortunately my infection didn't turn into bronchitis or pneumonia, but a couple of my family members who had it ended up having to use inhalers.
    My advice--seriously curtail your activities and get plenty of sleep or at least rest.
    I wonder if this is some kind of flu that wasn't expected in this year's mix and therefore wasn't included in the flu vaccine. I was vaccinated for flu at the beginning of October.
    It's a nasty bug. Hope you feel better soon.

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