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    Rep. Ellison,

    Noticed you used the specific terms "Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid" rather than the now-loaded term "Entitlements".

    This is good messaging and we should encourage this framing every time the other side uses that loaded term, "Entitlements", even though technically and legally that's what they are.

    There remains much misunderstanding among the public about just what "entitlements" includes, to the extent that some have been mislead to believe it means welfare.

    Consistent use of the specific framing, "Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid" reinforces what we are actually talking about...programs that are widely supported by the public.

    Every time the other side uses the term "Entitlements" in the media we should be pausing the discussion and making sure the viewer understands, "Mr. Opponent, some of the public watching may not follow that term, so let's be clear we're talking about 'Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid'..."

    "First of all, Social Security does not contribute to the deficit in any way. It is funded by worker contributions throughout their working career to be paid out when they retire..."


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