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  •  I suspect you will be right that it will be all (0+ / 0-)

    so the question is where will the cuts be?  The best place would be to defense.  Unlike the last few negotiations, I'd like to see Obama put out 2 areas where he'd be willing to cut: defense and long-term Medicare cuts (in the form of discount purchases from drug providers and new ways to avoid repettion of services).  These are areas which drastically need cutting (the defense budget has basically more than doubled since 2001) and medical costs are eating up both private insurance money and Medicare which is still more efficient but still has the potential to choke the federal budget particularly 10-20 years from now.  So I think Obama should offer a plan but he needs to do it as part of the negotiations to do away with the sequester not as part of the debt ceiling.   He needs to maintain the pose that he will not negotiate on that and he needs to continue to court CEOs to pressure the House GOP not to play games with it.

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