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View Diary: Why is "touching Social Security" in any manner a bad thing? (142 comments)

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    is that there are multiple models for insurance.  Fine.  Why not choose a model that strengthens the Social Security program, ensures its long term viability and hurts no one?

    For the life of me I can not understand the desire to reject the best possible solution to a long term problem (in order to continue the program precisely as is) which WILL inevitably lead to solutions that are less effective and in which real people will suffer.

    They are going to change the program.  They absolutely are.  When a Democratic President gleefully offers up chained CPI at every negotiation and when Congressional Democrats have embraced chained CPI saying that, absolutely, they could support the right deal, you know changes--bad changes--are coming.

    The end result of chained CPI, signed into law by a Democratic President, is going to be an electoral wipeout in 2014 that makes 2010 look like a good year for Democrats, and a permanent Republican majority.  And, on a personal level, more and more seniors will, more and more, fall into poverty.

    What we need to do, given that changes are coming, is to come together behind changes that truly strengthen the program and preserve full benefits for everyone while actually hurting no one.  Lifting the cap on SS tax while maintaining a cap on benefits is a sane, rational solution that makes the program stronger, maintains the program's financial health indefinitely (it would never be a target again), and hurts no one (I do not weep for millionaires and billionaires, who have robbed the working class blind to begin with, paying a little more in taxes).  We need to forcefully gather behind and push this solution because every other proposal on the table is designed to cut benefits, which weakens the program and hurts real people.

    Already, on an allegedly progressive web site, we have people embracing chained CPI (since Obama proposed it), saying, "Oh, c'mon, it's not so bad."  Yeah, just tell grandma to switch to a cheaper brand of cat food is all.

    But but but Republicans.  Frankly, I could give a rats ass about Republicans.  I'm worried about the Democrats.  If Democrats make cuts to Social Security, we are royally fucked.  We will never restore benefits, if it is Democrats who make the cuts, and, instead, more and more cuts will follow.  What's more, if it is Democrats who make cuts to Social Security--if a Democratic President signs such a bill into law--the Democrats won't be winning a whole lot of elections going forward.  They sure as hell won't be getting my vote.  Not for dog catcher.

    Every time the government needs money, they attack the programs that our most vulnerable depend upon and they usually do it by claiming that they are overstating inflation, which is utter bullshit as anyone with a brain and eyes, and making less than $100,000 a year, knows.  The original CPI was just such a trick.  Well, they said, its actually wrong to include food and energy costs because those get factored in to all the other prices, so its like counting them twice.  Complete and utter bullshit designed to siphon more money from the poor to the rich.  Now its the chained CPI because "people make adjustments".  More complete and utter bullshit designed to siphon even more money from the poor to the rich.  But its bullshit that people who say things like "keep your government hands off my Medicare" might see as plausible.  Moreover, its bullshit they can use to satisfy their own weak minds and black hearts so that they can sleep soundly at night in their mansions.

    Thanks to CPI (and, soon, chained CPI), Social Security is already a wealth redistribution plan--from the poor to the rich.

    If we don't all get behind lifting the cap and push it with all our might, we're going to end up with chained CPI which is going to cut benefits in real terms and hurt real people (and destroy the Democratic party).  We'll probably end up with chained CPI anyway, because neither party represents the people, anymore; they both serve the 1%.  And chained CPI is what the 1% wants.

    "Power concedes nothing without a demand; it never has and it never will."—Frederick Douglass

    by costello7 on Fri Jan 04, 2013 at 08:37:47 AM PST

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