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  •  Couldn't have done it without hubby (4+ / 0-)
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    He had saved his vacation and personal time from work the entire pregnancy and managed to have four full weeks of leave. He was home full time for the first three weeks and then worked afternoons only for another two made all the difference in the world! He did all the baby care except breastfeeding for the first month so I didn't stress my incision.

    After the first month we did "tag team" night feedings. I would pump during the day so he would have a bottle to give the baby for one of the feedings. He would take the baby for the first part of the night and handle the first waking/feeding. Then he'd pass her off to me when she waked again and I'd take her for the rest of the night. By sleeping apart we both managed to get a solid 4 hours of sleep and then whatever we could manage around the feedings.

    It was a bit lonely sleeping by myself but the fact that I was actually SLEEPING outweighed any other consideration. And it lasted such a short time, although it was timeless while happening....

    Makes me tired to remember it!

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