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  •  A couple from our pooches... (7+ / 0-)

    ...and they're bulldogs.  One day we had just come home from a consultation with a lawyer.  There was a family problem at hand and it had gotten nasty (fortunately one letter from that lawyer was all it took to handle the matter.)  We were feeling grumpy and sad and we came in and sat down at the table.  Our littlest bully, Dulce (she's tiny, about 30 lbs) came running around the corner, tail wagging and tongue sticking out as always.  She ran up to us, and then jumped up on a dining chair and then ON THE TABLE.  Before we could scold her for being on the table in the first place she scooted over to my wife and just started slurping her face as fast as she could with the tail wagging to beat the band.  Of course all we could do was just crack up laughing like crazy.  That fixed a really bad day really quick, and she's never jumped on the table since.

    One evening our boy Hank wandered into the dining room where I was doing some stuff online.  Usually he'll bark like mad if he needs out.  Not tonight.  After a few minutes, he walks over to the back door, sits down, rips a really loud fart, and then just slowly turns and looks at me as if to say, "You catch my drift, buddy?"  We love that little canine smart aleck.

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