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  •  As is usual, sanity from teacherken (1+ / 0-)
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    Closing the gun show loophole would help.

    A waiting period of 1-4 weeks, even for shotguns would help.  If you wait until 2 days before your duck hunting trip to acquire your weapon you are a disorganized dumb-ass and should not have a firearm in the first place.

    As much as I could support a very large sales tax, inflating the price would act like prohibition and lead to a lucrative black market.

    Requiring a registered firearm dealer to complete citizen to citizen sales and the associated registration transfer would help.

    If the military and police forces don't need 39 round clips for a Glock, private citizens sure as hell don't need them.

    An AR15/M16 is a very nice all around rifle, but 30 round clips are not needed for hunting or target practice.

    Required training and testing for initial purchase and license with annual or bi-annual qualification for renewal would help.  At least make it as frequent as renewing your drivers license for crying out loud.  Failure would subject the owner to immediate confiscation/surrender of any and all firearms, ammunition, and accessories or risk the example penalty below.

    Raising the legal ownership age to 25 or 30, particularly for males, would help.  Renting an automobile while under 25 is far more difficult than purchasing a firearm at the same age.

    Placing a severe penalty for circumventing the rules would help.  I'm talking a real deterrent, say 10 years with no chance of parole for 1st offense, 20 years and no chance for 2nd offense, 40 years and no chance for 3rd offense regarding sales restrictions.

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