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View Diary: Liberals Diss Biden By Talking About Hillary2016 (74 comments)

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  •  A lot of people, both women and men, remember (1+ / 0-)
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    Bill W

    Biden from the Clarence Thomas confirmation hearings.  The way Biden treated Anita Hill and other women who were willing to speak about Thomas was reprehensible.

    And people remember this, even after 20+ years.  I was at Hunter College in 2011 for the conference "Sex, Power and Speaking Truth: Anita Hill 20 Years Later."  When Biden appeared on the screen in a video, the theater erupted in hisses and the very elegant and proper 60-something woman sitting next to me muttered, "Snake!"  I don't think people who remember Biden and the clubby tone he set for those hearings will easily be brought on board as supporters.

    And I also will not forget Biden's comment to progressives that they should “stop whining and get out there and look at the alternatives."  Believe me, I've been looking for alternatives.  Biden's not on the list.

    I'm glad that Biden is loyal to Obama and has been helpful as Vice President.  But I would not support him as a candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination nor as a the Democratic candidate for president.  We can do much better.

    •  That is certainly... (0+ / 0-) of the things I think of when I see Biden.  I also think about the numerous votes he cast over the years for anti-choice legislation.  He would not get my vote.  I hope the party can do better.

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