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  •  Part of a letter received today: (9+ / 0-)

    Author: MN Democrat Collin Peterson, to Speaker Boehner with a similar letter sent to Majority Leader Cantor:

    (see bold for salient points)

    Three months before being elected Speaker, you were asked in an interview, “How will your past as a chairman and legislator… influence your approach to allowing Committees to set the agenda and give signals to instead of receive them from Leadership?” You answered, “We need to stop writing bills in the Speaker’s office and let members of Congress be legislators again… We have nothing to fear from letting the House work its will – nothing to fear from the battle of ideas. That starts with the Committees. The result will be more scrutiny and better legislation.” In your 2011 inaugural address you said, “Above all else, we will welcome the battle of ideas, encourage it, and engage in it – openly, honestly, and respectfully. As the chamber closest to the people, the House works best when it is allowed to work its will. I ask all members of this body to join me in recognizing this common truth.”

    Unfortunately, those noble words turned into empty promises when it came time to consider legislation to reauthorize the federal farm safety net. Despite a day-long mark-up, where almost 60 amendments were offered, considered and either adopted or rejected; despite having the support of myself, the Chairman of the Agriculture Committee and a majority of Committee Democrats and Republicans; despite following the practice of regular order as you laid out for us, the Republican Leadership was nothing but a stumbling block in our quest to let the House “work its will” on a new five-year farm bill.

    Dianne Feinstein should have a second thought about "energizing the base" and work with Blue Dogs at getting something no more controversial than the Farm Bill brought to the floor.

    Microstamping for newly manufactured guns, linked to the BATFE Form 4473 might pass.
    Linked to a Federal registry of gun owners, and with a $200 per gun license fee?  Won't.

    Limiting magazine sizes, might pass.  A good question is this:  If 30 round magazines have been available since at least the 1920s, then what's the big deal about them now?
    As an object meant to feed cartridges into a gun, they're nothing new.  So what changed?

    The long-standing aversion to shooting fellow humans seems to have diminished.  (Yes, I do recognize our war on the Native Americans, and the practices of the Jim Crow era.)

    Are we too removed from recent, personal, memories of war?  
    Have we relinquished the idea of personal responsibility for our actions and those of our children to regulation by a Bureaucracy?
    Is saying "NO, that's wrong, and I won't abide by this" so damaging to the development of a child, that it can never be said by a parent, or teacher?
    Why is Prison our first meaningful interaction conveying "limits" on juvenile actions?  The grave being the other option.

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