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View Diary: Gingrich says Republicans will 'cave' on their 'dead loser' debt limit bluff (177 comments)

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    "And given what Gingrich and Gregg said, it's not just Democrats who see it that way."

    Of course the Democrats aren't alone in what they say.  There are some good, honorable Republicans with functioning brains out there who also know exactly what the score is.

    I have said many times -- and I will continue to say it until Obama proves me wrong -- that the reason the House Republicans are feeling their oats concerning the debt limit is that they have had a weak-willed Obama to work with in the past.  They -- properly so -- have come to expect him to cave when the heat gets too hot in the kitchen.  So I don't think they can be legitimately blamed for shooting the moon in terms of the debt ceiling.

    What we desperately -- and I mean DESPERATELY -- need is for this once for Obama to mean what he says about not negotiating the debt ceiling.  We desperately need for Obama to stop being a compromiser and start being a president.  I have mentioned FDR, Truman, LBJ, and Bill Clinton in past comments.  We really need for Obama to start channeling those men.

    I am willing to give Obama the benefit of the doubt, but in return, I demand that he convince me that my trust in him is not misplaced.  

    The fact that it is GINGRICH who is telling the House Republicans that they are on the wrong track gives me pause.  Maybe Newt DID learn something when he tried to shut down the government back in the 90s.  So I guess that there is always hope.

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