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View Diary: Chuck Hagel to be nominated for secretary of defense (381 comments)

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  •  I don't see the problem with Hagel (13+ / 0-)

    Though he was for the Iraq war, he had turned against it by 2005, well before almost any other Republican (and even some Democrats).  So I don't really agree with that part of the criticism... He was "pro-Bush-wars" in essentially the same way that John Kerry and Hillary Clinton were.

    The argument that this makes it seem like "only Republicans can handle defense" seems a little silly to me: This is a guy that has gone out of his way, over and over again, to criticize Republican approach to foreign policy.  The main effort against his nomination has been from the greater Israel lobby.  He has recently endorsed both Joe Sestak and Bob Kerrey.  He is very clearly not a typical Republican.

    Can someone offer a more detailed argument against Hagel? I'm sure there is a valid one but I don't see it in this article.

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