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View Diary: Chuck Hagel to be nominated for secretary of defense (381 comments)

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  •  what if Hagel is just his first choice (0+ / 0-)

    there doesn't need to be a sophisticated (chess) explananation

    Obama isn't a partisan, he's a pragmatist. He has reported grown  close to Hagel, a Vietnam vet that is rather dove-ish from what I have been reading.

    The diary glosses over and from what I am reading may mischaracterize Hagel. Sure he voted initially for the Iraq War but so did many Dem Senators including Kerry. Hagel was a big and early criticiser (from within the Rep party!) of the Bush admin. He called them incompetant and apparently loathed Cheney.

    I have no reason to defend the guy. I knew nothing about him so just have been doing some reading about him from a variety of legit sources. Supposedly we are a "reality based community". That's the reality of what I am reading. That Hegel really is his own person and always spoke truth to power. He's a Vet and he comes from a place where he would not put our sevice members in harms way unless it was absolutely necessary. I read he believes in diplomacy first. Other sources say though Leon Panetta was resistant to cutting the defense budget...which is pivitol for the deficit and so we can save needed social programs...Hagel would be very agreeable to cutting. That is what Obama wants.
    Maybe Obama feels he's the best choice. Remember he's in a postion to know stuff we don't.
    I don't give Obama a green light on this but I stay open minded.
    hs reasons for wanting Hagel can be straight forward

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