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View Diary: Conservatives refuse to pay their own bills (26 comments)

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  •  A step further... Cantor shorted US Treasuries (3+ / 0-)
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    last time the debt ceiling was an issue (McConnell may have also along w/other republicans). He along w/other republicans voted in congress to crash the economy in order to make a personal profit.  Is that sedition?
    Fortunately US Treasury bills and bonds are the safest investment on the planet and even though a thug company downgraded the US, treasuries were so sought after that interest rates fell causing Cantor and the other sociopaths to actually lose money.
    Right now, if Obama can hold his tongue, it will be a heavyweight battle between the dominionist billionaires (koch's, de Vos', Simmons, Petersons, Waltons) against the banksters/grift houses who want their derivatives and treasuries paid back.  The banksters couldn't give a crap about anything but being paid but the dominionists want to subjugate humanity.  Neither pod of sociopaths gives a hoot about the Constitution.

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