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View Diary: Can you work against the social safety net and still call yourself a Democrat? (173 comments)

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  •  certainly not the progressive wing of the party... (4+ / 0-)
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    shaharazade, aliasalias, fuzzyguy, triv33

    the democratic party was home to racists and warmongers and lots of awful ideas at times, hell it had grover cleveland whom i pointed out above was a total jackass.

    your point?

    i'm part of the 99% - america's largest minority

    by joe shikspack on Tue Jan 08, 2013 at 09:23:12 AM PST

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    •  My point is that the search (3+ / 0-)
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      tardis10, tytalus, poco

      for a useable past should not lead people to talk about "Democratic Party" values, as if that were some kind of monolithic category.  The racist, warmongering wing of the Democratic Party was always central to its identity, at least from the viewpoint of my family, which is African American.  My parents lived through the Depression, and also my father fought in World War II, only to return to a segregated  hateful society.  And their families, which were filled with domestics, ended up without any retirement funds.  Your search for a useable past upon which you can base your critique of the current Democratic Party can never be based on romance, or else you dishonor my ancestors.  That is all.

      •  one way of seeing our history as a nation... (2+ / 0-)
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        aliasalias, fuzzyguy

        (among many) is seeing a gradual expansion of whom the constitution grants full rights to.  it took a long time for poor whites to have any meaningful rights, people of color, immigrant minorities,  women, lgbt, etc. all have gradually come to be included to varying degrees as having rights.  who knows, maybe one day native americans will have rights that our government is bound to respect, too.

        we as a people (and as activists) need to continuously expand the rights profile of people and the kinds of people who are accorded those rights.  it is a constant battle against people who want to climb up and kick down.  it may even reflect human nature.

        i have deep objections to the way that your ancestors have been treated.  my ancestors have their own stories.  the best way that we can honor them is to acknowledge that things in the past have been bad, wrong, etc., but to move forward and make them better.  perhaps to me the most effective rhetoric of the antislavery movement was provided by our founding fathers.  when the downtrodden and outcast would read the lofty words of jefferson and others aloud in public, it was a direct challenge to the hypocrisy of the system.

        i propose that we need to still hold the system accountable for its rhetoric and throw it in its face.  when a party calls itself, "the party of the common man," we can hold them accountable for that.  we can make them face up to their words.

        no human institution is ever as good as its pr, but its pr is a powerful weapon that can be used against it.

        my $.02

        i'm part of the 99% - america's largest minority

        by joe shikspack on Tue Jan 08, 2013 at 10:15:51 AM PST

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