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  •  Death & The Doctor (8+ / 0-)

    Some have speculated Discworld's Death may have been based on The Doctor from "Doctor Who" (although, if I remember correctly, Pratchett has denied this).

    • Both Death & The Doctor live in a dwelling that is bigger on the inside than it is on the outside.
    • Both Death & The Doctor have a fascination with & fondness for humanity.
    • Both Death & The Doctor can travel to any point in time & space.
    • As evidenced in the video above, both Death & The Doctor have a granddaughter named Susan that has at times been a "companion" on their journeys.
    • For both Death & The Doctor, there are some things they can not change & some people they can not save.

    I remember reading a blurb where Pratchett talked about the letters he would receive from terminally-ill fans of "Discworld," who would write about how much they hope that the "real" Death would be like the personification of death in "Discworld." Pratchett said he spends a good bit of time staring at a wall after reading those letters.

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