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  •  Boston C&J (9+ / 0-)

    Jeers to memory lapses - forgot to put my iPad in my bag this morning.  The morning train ride was fine, I sit with the same people and we chat on the way in.  The ride home is going to be a little boring.

    Cheers to my students - we have a lot off great students at my institution.  They work hard and are polite and well-mannered.

    Jeers to some departments that still do not have Fall grades in.  Registrar smash!  

    Cheers to awards season - I'm a Hollywood junkie and I love watching all the gowns and fashion.

    Cheers to staff resignations.  I was hired instead of the person they wanted (who would have been terrible) and they pretty much decided before I got here that they would all leave once they could find something else.  I'm okay with this since their collective attitude has been terrible and not needed.  Time to hire new staff.

    Jeers to obstructionist Republicans.  

    Cheers to President Obama and FLOTUS

    Cheers to everyone here.

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