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  •  see my response above... this cart. is outrageous (2+ / 0-)
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    thankgodforairamerica, Not A Bot

    i'm not Sem but I read his quote and yours....  you need to read my response above.

    You are so effing clueless I honestly wonder if youdon't have a TBI yourself.

    College athletes are pampered... your article proves that.  So how the living hell is that the same thing as a man shackled to the bottom of a boat for weeks to come work himself to death on a plantation?

    Comparing the college football bigwigs with the slight inadequacy of the superstar players  as plantation owners to actual SLAVES is the one of the most offensive and deplorable analogies you could make.  

    It makes light of the holocaust suffered by black slaves by comparing them to these spoiled players.   As Sem said, FUCK YOU>

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