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View Diary: Sheriff Joe: Maricopa schools to be patrolled by armed 'posses.' Feel safer? (90 comments)

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  •  Dear Mommy and Daddy, (11+ / 0-)

    I was talking to the psychotic posse member who guards our school wearing full body armor and carries ten different automatic military weapons and I think he's got some good ideas about killing other people before they kill you.

    He's going to take me out for an ice cream and then we are going to the shooting range to shoot at the most realistic dummies who look the most like real people - they say it is the best place around within 500 miles.

    See you at dinner.

    Your Kid.

    PS, I'm really not happy about having to clean my room and my new friend told me that I don't really have to do what people say anymore because I'm going to be armed and soon dangerous.


    /snark - just to be clear - snark - but still not an impossible scenario, I'm afraid.

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