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View Diary: New German Data Shows No End in Sight for Coal (230 comments)

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    "There is no reason that a coal power plant can't be a near zero CO2 output device."

    It's called thermodynamics.  Every joule of energy you invest in reclaiming exhaust products is another joule you have to produce to meet demand, thus lowering the efficiency of the energy source.  

    Also, it seems like the people who advocate total reclamation don't quite understand the fact that there is a WHOLE LOT of waste to capture and clean up.  1KW/h of energy from coal produces about 2.1 lbs of CO2 gas -- and at STP, that's 517L of exhaust.  Right out of the exhaust it's actually gonna be more than that.  So if you're talking about a 100 MW coal plant, that's 51,200,000 liters of CO2 which needs to be dealt with, every hour.  Algal reclamation ain't gonna cut it.  Neither is sequestration, given the amount of power that you'd need to convert the CO2 to solid or pressurize it and pump it underground or whatever -- you'd need another power plant just to run that process.

    •  The under-construction Kemper (0+ / 0-)

      dsoal fired power plant  is designed to be zero CO2 emissions, but promises only 60% reductions.

      and yes, they are spending hundreds of millions extra to remove the CO2 and pump it into an oil field.

      Another CO2 removal project at a Port Arthur refinery costs a cool $400 million, paid by federal loan guarantees.

      But these companies are also getting around $20/ton for a couple million tons/year of CO2, so they could profit also.

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