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  •  Corn is an insufficient protein (2+ / 0-)
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    worldlotus, Cassandra Waites

    It is low in some amino acids, which limit your use of the others.  Needs to be consumed with a compensating food to complete the 8 amino acids your body cannot produce.  The best example is corn with legumes, e.g. beans and tortillas.

    Most other staple crops have a better balance in amino acids than corn, but still, most grains have lysene as the limiting amino acid, meaning you need to get more from another food source.  If you ate nothing but corn, you'd get malnourished sooner than eating just wheat or just rice.  You don't need to eat the different foods together, just within a day or so.

    Soy and quinoa are complete proteins all by themselves, btw.  So are animal products (meat and dairy).

    There are 24 amino acids but our bodies cannot produce 8 of them (additional 9th can't be produced by children) and we need them from diet.  This is why eating just one or limited kinds of foods isn't healthy.

    Essential Amino Acids: nine protein building blocks which the body can't make, and must get from food: Hystidine (HYS), Isoleucine (ISO), Leucine (LEU), Lysine (LYS), Methionine (MET), Phenylalanine (PHE), Tryptophan (TRP), Threonine (THR), Valine (VAL)

    Since staple crops tend to be grains, the amino acids to balance for are Lysine and Isoleucine.  Cornmeal is low on tryptophan as well.  Again, all food sources have all 9 of the acids, the issue is in what proportions.

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