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View Diary: Wendy's franchise cutting worker hours to avoid Obamacare, despite backlash to other chains (149 comments)

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  •  There is a Wendys down the street from me. (5+ / 0-)

    I don't eat much fast food. I go there maybe 2-3 times a year, usually when everything else is closed. A big part of it as others have pointed out is quality.

    I remember after a scare over tainted tomatoes they offered some promotion to get the customers back and I grabbed a burger at the drive through and it was easily the best burger I had from them in maybe decades. The bad PR forced them temporarily to pay more attention to quality.

    A big reason its suffered over the years is because of low pay IMO. Pay your employees a living wage and its more likely that you will see them do a better job and take more pride in their work.

    •  When everything else is closed (1+ / 0-)
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      hospital cafeterias usually have something decent. I don't know if you have any in your area, but it's a good tip to keep in mind. It helped us when we were traveling this Thanksgiving.

      Oh, and they better be providing some type of health care for their workers.

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