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View Diary: Wendy's franchise cutting worker hours to avoid Obamacare, despite backlash to other chains (149 comments)

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    In the cases you describe though it's probably the law that stops many of them (since there likely isn't a legal loophole for the road rage case and, if found and used, it would quickly be legislated away).

    Most people just don't even think of doing these things.

    For example, why would I bother to run down and kill a person that cut me off in traffic? Morality has nothing to do with my decision not to do that -- it just isn't worth my time and trouble. If I did think to do it, morality would then enter into it, but it's never occurred to me to do this.

    (Besides, there are much more fun ways to retaliate if you do bother to catch up with the person - death is so final and just doesn't make a good story. If the person dies, well, they are dead and don't care -- if they end up feeling like a fool, that annoys them for at least a few hours.)

    However, for those that do think of doing these things, I think it's likely law that stops many of them. Some of the remaining ones are stopped by fear of immediate retaliation (street justice) as the victim may be armed, stronger, or more skilled than the psychopathic perpetrator.

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