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  •  By not cutting Social Security and Medicare, we (1+ / 0-)
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    lesson the chance of doing this. If you ask me Social Security should have larger cost of living increases, because what they call cost of living increases in S.S. are nothing when you get done paying for food, gas, even Medicare payments have increased. Seniors went without a cost of living increase in SS for two years because Congress refused to act, however that didn't stop the prices of necessities from going up.
    I think my point is that Social Security and Medicare doesn't just help seniors, it helps all of us. We all have parents, and most of us love them and would not turn our backs on helping them out as they age. We will all be there one day, and many of us will not be as well prepared for retirement as Tom Brokaw or David Brooks, we simply didn't have the same opportunities to make as much money in our lifetime. They just don't see it that way, they think Seniors are selfish and are placing debt on future generations by wanting to perserve these necessary programs. That is not the way it is at all,actually it is quite the opposite, they need SS and Medicare so they don't place debt on their children that love and care about them.

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