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View Diary: White House task force reviewing gun violence options pushes to meet end of month deadline (235 comments)

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  •  What makes you think with 310 million firearms in (1+ / 0-)
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    America hands right now, at last count....and gun shops running out of ammo and gun being brought left and right, as we speak....that any ban, even if implemented today....would make it impossible for a criminal to get his or her hands on any weapon of choice?  

    This is not China.  Criminals won't be reduced to having to commit mass murders with a butcher knife.

    •  I wouldn't be surprised (3+ / 0-)
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      tytalus, Womantrust, Sophie Amrain

      If similar arguments were made during the early- to mid-1800s about the abolition of slavery.

      And no, I'm not saying gun owners are as despicable as slaveholders. Rather, I'm speaking to the seemingly daunting size of the task.

      As for me, I'm willing to take a long view. If we can take measures this year that start to limit access to firearms, start to regulate them more heavily, and that, over time, will reduce that number through gun buy-backs and other measures, then perhaps in several decades or even a century we won't be having a discussion about how easy it is for criminals to obtain firearms.

      Don't we owe our descendants a better nation?  I don't think any truly rational person believes the status quo with respect to gun policy in this nation is acceptable.  We need to evolve, just as this nation has evolved into something far, far different than contemplated by the nation's founders.

      And your 310MM value seems a bit high -- the last reference I saw was 270MM from the Small Arms Survey.  Do you have a reference for your value?

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