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    I'm always curious why there is so much trust in vaccines, when these are the same companies that produced such miracles as Vioxx, Plavix, Celebrix, or Ketek. Those drugs were required to go through stringent testing, but my guess is that most Daily Kos subscribers have a jaundice view of pharmaceutical companies and their best interest in our health. It is odd to me that Merck is liable for the damage that Vioxx might do, but they have indemnity against any harm a vaccine might cause.

    I would be interested in the pro-vaccine crowd (which sounds like there is a majority here) addressing some basic questions:

    1) Should we do any evaluation on whether a large number of vaccinations is safe for a child?

    Presently a child is scheduled to get 49 doses of vaccine before they are six years old. In fact, that number continues to grow with a GSK meningitis vaccine for infants being next up, possibly the reintroduction to the HPV, and increased doses of existing vaccines due to short efficacy rating.

    2) Typically a child will get six shots (or even 10) in one visit (even at age of 2 months) multiple times. However, this vaccine stacking has not been evaluated by medical institutions or pharmaceutical companies (they say it is impractical to do.)

    Do you believe that practice to be safe even though evidence shows a correlation between hospitalizations and vaccine doses?

    3) Should some or all vaccinations be mandatory in this country regardless of an individuals objections, especially if they are fearful of the harm a vaccine might cause them? Or, should the many outweigh the few when it comes to health decisions?

    4) Should our government be the ones evaluating the effectiveness (which is different than efficacy) of vaccines rather than the pharmaceutical companies?  

    97% of children that caught the mumps received the MM(mumps)R vaccines:

    Merck falsified data on the efficacy of the mumps vaccine:

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