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View Diary: Rep. Steve King re-introduces his stupid 'anchor babies' legislation (104 comments)

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    Seems to me that everybody in the United States who gives birth would be required to prove citizenship forthwith.

    Prudent people would be wise to obtain passports well before the expected date of birth, and apply for the baby's passport at the same time they apply for the birth certificate.

    For a while, it might be sufficient for the birth mother and/or father to show a birth certificate showing her or his birth in the United States, but eventually it will be passports that are required.

    Right now, American citizens who have a baby outside the U.S. submit all the documentation to the nearest embassy and await the arrival of news from the Department of State, with the baby's passport.

    Imagine how much federal money will have to be allocated to the agency that reviews the documentation for every baby born within the U.S., and the issuance of infant passports. Not to mention the costs to the parents to obtain notarization of their documentation in order to apply for recognition and passport.

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