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View Diary: Some Senate 'old bulls' want filibuster reform (32 comments)

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  •  The rhetoric from those pushing to retain the (5+ / 0-)
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    filibuster as currently implemented is that it "retains a long tradition of encouraging public debate making this the most deliberative body in the world".  The reality though is that as currently structured, any debate that actually happens is anything but public.  Progress on anything is completely subject to backroom deals and closed caucus actions. The current proposals to reform the filibuster actually restore public debate.  Any Senator will be able to publicly debate any measure as long as he wants to (and can persuade others to support him) - and it will all be in public.  That is what Turtleboy and others are actually afraid of - that the public will see how absolutely lacking reason or facts their arguments are and they won't have the ability to gum up the works unless they get their way anymore.

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