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View Diary: 2012 Warmest on Record in U.S. by 1°F: NOAA (66 comments)

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  •  It may take another Pinatubo, Toba, or Krakatoa (1+ / 0-)
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    Lily O Lady arrest the upward spiral we find ourselves caught within. Pinatubo being the most mild; Toba being the most extreme. I haven't seen those programs--sounds insightful, but the problem, I guess, without knowing more, is that in doing a risk assessment, our trajectory for the next several hundred years is one of warming. Volcanic eruptions that would reflect massive amounts of sunlight would certainly likely have a major cooling effect, but occur with much lesser frequency. I know the time scales are not good for proper comparison: the trend of global warming versus the spontaneity and sporadic nature of volcanoes, but in a horse race, I'm betting global warming every time for the rest of my life.

    Then again, Eyjafjallajökull did erupt in 2010 and caused a panic about a European winter, in a year which went down as the hottest in global history.

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    by rovertheoctopus on Wed Jan 09, 2013 at 07:02:47 AM PST

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    •  Volcanoes are like having your (1+ / 0-)
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      neighbor's sprinklers coming on when your house is burning down. Not going to do much, and some could have drastic negative consequences such as crop killing acid rain and sulfuric gas clouds.

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      by Lily O Lady on Wed Jan 09, 2013 at 07:13:13 AM PST

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    •  In general... (1+ / 0-)
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      the more polar a volcano it is, the less of an effect is has on the climate.

      ... which is what really drives home how staggeringly much gas Laki emitted in 1783-84  ;)

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