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  •  Lazy is a cheap shot. (11+ / 0-)

    I have lived 47 years as a woman on this planet.  Most of that as a feminist.

    I have heard too many stories about women's past sexual histories getting trotted out on the witness stand to be used as evidence against them. There are also plenty of places in this country where rape kits are either hopelessly backed up or the cities don't even know where they are.
    And the non-renewal of VAWA is going to make that worse.

    Our legal system is great on paper, but like so many systems, it gets screwy when people enter the equation.  A rape kit may get done, but if the officers at the "Statesville" PD don't have the funding or desire or staffing to process it, it will sit on a shelf somewhere and may never see the light of day again.  Especially if it's a small department, the manpower to follow up a rape vs. a murder pushes the "lesser" down on the priority list. As a public health nurse, I am supposed to investigate every dog bite in the county I work in, but the deputies look at it as a hassle and they don't take it seriously.  

    You also fail to mention the fear that women live under, for the reasons mentioned in the diary.  Not to say that men are never raped or under fear, but fear rules most womens lives, whether they know it or not. This cuts down on reported rapes, to be sure.

    I hope that as a future lawyer, you go on and do amazing things. But remember the world isn't all puppies and unicorns.

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