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View Diary: Germany now has 1.3 million solar energy systems which generated 28 billion kilowatt hours in 2012 (139 comments)

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  •  Point of use can take care (8+ / 0-)

    of an awful lot of our non-urban electricity needs in this country, especially as batteries and other storage technologies improve. Homes supplying themselves, with a locally based 'extra' capacity that is hooked to the grid - wind turbine (these can come in vertical arrays that take up no more room than a radio antenna collection and make virtually no noise) and/or micro-hydro. Undershot turbines - even a series of these - on free-flowing waterways all around this country could generate quite a lot and wouldn't block navigation or require impoundment. Malls and shopping centers and office parks and factories and metal megachurches in the country could go with rooftop and parking lot solar, provide a hefty chunk of their overall usage. And most of these land taker-uppers are closed overnight, don't even need much storage capacity. And for goodness sake, require roofs not covered with solar panels to go white.

    Heck, they've even got solar paint these days that can collect in indirect light. Still in development, we could put a rush on that and so long as it's daylight the walls of your house and outbuildings would be channeling 'trons!

    Alas, with the middle class quickly becoming working poor and the working poor quickly becoming destitute, we'll need some honest support to make any of that happen.

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