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  •  Ideology is deeper than politics & penetrates... (4+ / 0-)
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    ...culture. Senator Sanders you're so right. While Democrats seize and use the power that comes with the majority of voters, we citizen activists and writers need to talk to all Americans in a collaborative and humble about how our culture is needlessly hampering our abilities and enabling politicians and corporate interests to hoard money and power.

    Americans are charitable, courageous, virtuous, and incredibly busy people and are not easily recognized in media narratives or "popular culture" which is an anachronistic  euphemism for the fruits of unregulated  commercial markets.

    There is a soul in America. But as soon as it is translated onto telecommunications  line it becomes twisted and monetized into a weapon that boomerangs right back at us.

    Let's stand with you and remember if we're all standing together using the power of "popular culture"  instead of being used we're stronger than any opposition.  

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