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View Diary: Pat Robertson: Daddy plays on the computer because Mommy is 'hard-nosed' and 'slatternly' (243 comments)

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    Jesus H Tapdancing Christ--never heard that one before!

    has anyone, ANYONE, anywhere EVER given that kind of advice to a heterosexual man?  That he needs to stay in shape and well groomed, and purchase appealing clothing and bathe and smell nice in order to make marriage more pleasant for his partner?  EVER?

    I mean someone with a national megaphone, not just well meaning individual friends

    Politics is like driving. To go backward put it in R. To go forward put it in D.
    Drop by The Grieving Room on Monday nights for support in dealing with grief.

    by TrueBlueMajority on Thu Jan 10, 2013 at 04:40:29 AM PST

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