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  •  Well , yes. A disorganized mob will get cut (1+ / 0-)
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    Silvia Nightshade

    apart by a disciplined, trained combat unit.   But those things can be learned quickly --much of the army basic training is admin stuff.

    The argument for the militia arms being dispersed among millions of homes instead of stored in a few armories is that they are invulnerable to seizure by a dictator or evil coup faction -- the British atttempt to to seize the Patriot armory at Concord is what kicked off the Revolution.

    The US Code says all US male citizens 17-45? years of age are in the Militia.  But the Constitution also says that Militia is subject to the discipline ordered by Congress.   Even if someone believes in the individual right interpretation of the Second Amendment, I don't see how they can object to any military discipline Congress imposes -- that the arms be secured in safes,etc.  I don't think the Sandy Hook massacre could have been carried out by a kid on a military base.

    •  know your recent history, bmastiff (0+ / 0-)

      Fort Hood shooting, 42 shot, 13 killed, Nov. 5, 2009.  
      That was on an Army base.  

      The whole mythology of an armed population being safer is dumb.  Do you really think that untrained armed civilians will do a better job than trained military personnel?  I do not.  Neither does a combat veteran named Jim Wright- check out his blog at especially the last few, "Bang Bang Crazy", as well as one post of the Aurora theater shooting called "The Seven Stages of Gun Violence".  The short version is that armed civilians would have made things much worse, either by not knowing when to hold fire, risking others, or being mistaken by the police as accomplices.  CWO Wright owns guns and knows what he is talking about.  You, bmastiff, do not.

      •  You missed my point --but your point is valid as (0+ / 0-)

        1) On a military base, the 20 year civilian dependent like the one at Sandy Hook would not have been able to pick up a personal Bushmaster and shoot his mom while she was sleeping --because personal firearms as well as issued firearms are kept under control in the armory.

        Probably Congress could use its Militia powers to require civilians who own guns to keep them locked up in safes.

        2) The Ft Hood shooter , however, bought a personal firearm off base and then bought it in.   Which a 20 year old civilian might have been able to do as well --maybe depends on security level.
        3) But an important point is that the Ft Hood shooter  was an officer on active duty.   As I recall active duty military --like police -- are exempt from many gun control laws that apply to civilians (but are subject to military law.)
        4) Certainly unarmed military personal are as vulnerable to armed attackers  as are unarmed civilians.
        5) One question is whether the Ft Hood shooter would have been able to get access to a service pistol -- the 9 mm Beretta that holds 17? rounds.   I believe the Army requires even people in medical MOSs to take pistol training so that they can provide some protection to their patients overseas.  

        Your link doesn't work.
        6) I believe that schoolchildren should be protected by covert armed guards --possibly teacher volunteers who take and pass the required training.   I don't have any opinion about how to protect unarmed military personnel on military bases-- the government's anti-terrorist security forces  already handle that problem.

        •  corrected link (0+ / 0-)

          The name of the blog is Stonekettle Station.  

          Given that the military is not perfectly safe from angry people with guns despite being in armed camps (literally), then your idea to have gun-toting teachers in schools is an absurd fantasy.  Read the posts on Stonekettle Station, especially the Bang Bang Crazy series (of 4) and the one on Aurora CO, then come back here with a real argument.  Your comment #6 (copying the NRA's talking points) is a poorly thought out idea based upon a paranoid person's fantasy of what a safe world would be like.  We do not live in the Wild West anymore, pardner.  It's time to put away the six-gun.

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