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  •  Well, some people argue for high explosives (3+ / 0-)
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    As I noted below, there are MANY ways to protect the Constitution and our freedom.   But the people clinging to their guns are arguing nothing more than what part of the Left was arguing in the 1960s.   In both cases because they have lost faith in the government.

    When the government ended the Vietnam war, enacted civil rights for blacks and halted the abuses (domestic spying, etc) of the FBI and the Army,  the violent left quickly dried up and disappeared.  

    I think the question  of government overreach should be publicly discussed and it should be pointed out that there are many controls that are more effective --and active --than the NRA.  I also think a number of reforms that I suggested below would give reassurance to some of the opposition.  I think it should be pointed out that the NRA did nothing to oppose Cheney.   I think the massive unemployment problem should be fixed quickly.

    Democrats have really fallen down on the job when it comes to pointing out how government can be a force for good -- whereas the billionaires so favored by the Libertarians have amply shown that they feel no obligation for their fellow countrymen.  

    If you want people to trust government then you need to have the government make noticable improvements in people's lives when you are in power.

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