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  •  The thing is, the problem really is with the (0+ / 0-)

    illegal and irresponsible dealers more so than the manufacturers. Legally speaking, the only way any manufacturer should be held responsible is if there is a failure in the mechanism's operation due to manufacturing defects or negligence.

    Once you start holding the manufacturers of anything responsible for criminal misuse of their product by the general public, what would stop people from suing car companies for the actions of drunk drivers? It has nothing to do with the function of the device (ie, "but guns are made to kill!") it has to do with the legalities of making manufacturers responsible for criminal actions of end-users. How about another example-- why not go after Apple and Microsoft for making it possible to traffic child porn? Any time a tool of any sort is used illegally, people will go after the manufacturers (especially since they will have "deep pockets" ripe for fleecing). An unintentional result will be that the companies will get insurance for this, and we'll see prices skyrocket for pretty much everything not made by Nerf to support the high cost of this "manufacturer's malpractice" insurance.

    Now, if guns are made totally illegal, but manufacturers keep making them and putting them out there, then yes, you can sue them for breaking the law in that respect. But a gun manufacturer currently is within the law to safely make firearms. And each gun comes with instructions that specifically say that it is not a toy, should be kept away from children, and not pointed at anything you don't intend to shoot. But don't hold your breath on guns becoming illegal anytime soon.

    The real break in the chain of responsibility starts when a gun dealer decides he can make a few extra bucks by selling to people who don't meet the criteria of the law. That is the person who breaks the chain of legality and becomes the source for the illegal flow of arms into society.

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