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    This is Daily Kos. Never underestimate how un- or under-informed some of its members might be on the topic of guns, gun laws, gun history, or anything to do with guns, and how proud some of them are to remain that way.

    You and I might understand that even a semi-auto pistol can have a cyclic rate of hundreds of rounds a minute if you could pull the trigger that fast, or that you used to be able to buy dynamite and surplus military weapons by the case from Sears, or understand that improvised firearms are simple enough that if guns were totally banned, criminals could still make them. But here, you need to explain things carefully. If you are vague, you will be misinterpreted. If you get all technical, you are accused of using jargon to cloud the issue. If you ask for people to be better informed, you are called arrogant. While there is an RKBA group here, there are also a fair number of vocal anti-gun absolutists who have little interest in compromise, fact, reason or rational debate.

    Keep this in mind as you select your words.

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