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    My mom, when she was a kid, loved music of all kinds. The first thing I can recall hearing--I was perhaps four years old; maybe younger-- was Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker Suite. On an album of old-shellac 78-rpm records which I initially heard on our decidedly non-stereo console record-player/radio (the radio, I believe having died before I was even born). Not anything to be sneezed at either. The performance was by the Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra of New York (now the New York Philharmonic), conducted by Artur Rodzinski. Which means that the recording dates back to the mid-1940s or perhaps a bit earlier.

    As my folks were quite thrifty, the sole concession to modernity was the record changer. I have to tell you those 78's were heavy and when one fell onto the turntable, you definitely knew it.

    I actually still have that album, though I have nothing to play it on. Sometime around the late 70's I believe, my folks left Queens and headed for the South Shore of Long Island. As part of their cleanup they asked me if there was anything I wanted; I went to the box where the old 78's were stashed and grabbed that one along with two or three others. They were all far older than I am (my mom bought them when she was in her teens and early 20's) and had been played to the point of serious scratchiness but I suppose they are probably worth something. Not that I'd ever part with them of course.

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