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  •  If we kill ourselves off (5+ / 0-)

    then even the best solutions to our other pressing problems will be rather beside the point, will they not?

    Depressing as the conclusions above may be there is little to fault in the analysis. Others have blockquoted their  favorites; I hope you will permit me to do the same for my own.

    Human intelligence is clearly overrated.Our tools are no match for corporate greed and political cowardice.
    And this:
    The corporate predator is well served by political incompetence and corruption. Take a good hard look at the confederacy of dunces in D.C. for proof that our goose is going to be cooked.
    I am not a Millennial, nor do I have children, but my partner was born in 1978. I shudder to consider the world we are bequeathing to him and his peers and to those born more recently. We really should be ashamed of ourselves.

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