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  •  KC Here - Cold, But Dry, Dry, Dry (3+ / 0-)
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    GreenMother, StrayCat, Noddy

    Normal for us is about 35" annually, but we're at less than half of that for 2012, and the little bit of snow and rain we've gotten so far in 2013 (less than an inch) isn't helping matters much.

    2012 was a banner year for area basement repair companies, as local clay soils heaved and cracked and split under D3 conditions and absolutely horrible heat.  

    Our garden just basically stopped in late June, and didn't start producing anything until the middle of August, despite copious watering, though we did have tomatoes into mid-November.

    Beyond that, it's a "normal" winter in that it's actually gotten cold (now, finally, in January) as opposed to last year, a year in which winter essentially didn't exist.  Still, we didn't hit consistent multi-day stretches with night temps below freezing until right around New Year.

    •  I hear that on on getting cold (1+ / 0-)
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      Hopefully it will knock the ticks and black widows back. Last year I was almost bitten by a Black Widow in December outside. It was cold, but not cold enough. Yikes!

      Kansas is always so green compared to Oklahoma. If this mess keeps up, it won't be long before one would be hard pressed to tell KS from OK.

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