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  •  Squirt was just presenting her kiteh belley while (13+ / 0-)

    lounging on the couch ( something she is wont to do at this time of the day ) but seems to have gone back to what she was doing before....staring at the teevee, seemingly developing a fascination for the hockey game on now --- it's her first game and she seems to like it -- just staring at the screen.

     She's been here for nine weeks ( today ) and has settled in remarkably fast....and displaying good behaviour ( lot's of quirks - she's, ah, somewhat say the least ) all in all....except for...and this shows how quickly she has adapted - for one consitant 'Bad Cat' thing.

     And she does it deliberatly -- knowing that it presses my button ( she doesn't do it when she is alone or just with Meowmmy....), she attacks the Persian carpet I bought when stationed in the ME, burying herself or booting it with her rear legs. As soon as I scold her she takes off into her condo.( several boxes put together to form a multi room complex ) Sometimes she just lunges , then runs straight to the condo. This will go on all afernoon untill I resort to covering the edges with books or coin filled artillery casings. Generally, at that point she will berate me with a very verbal scolding before retiring for a nap. Then Meowmmy comes home and the perfect behaviour begins........

     Nuisance though it is, this little game shows me that she is comfterable enough with her surroundings to even think it up.

     L'il shedevil........

    it tastes like burning...

    by eastvan on Sat Jan 19, 2013 at 02:17:30 PM PST

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    •  Get a squirt bottle of water. (7+ / 0-)

      When she goes after the carpet, say nothing but give her a squirt or two, until she stops.  She will think the carpet is doing it and leave the carpet alone.  If you speak or show  emotion, she might figure out that you are the squirter, so try to feign complete innocence that she was squirted.

      Alternatively, make your carpet a wall hanging and put down a rug you don't care about too much.

      "Squirt, squirt!"  Ha!  I had too much fun writing this comment!

      If love could have saved you, you would have lived forever. &

      by weck on Sat Jan 19, 2013 at 05:04:53 PM PST

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