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  •  Oh, Smarts park in the neighborhood sometimes (1+ / 0-)
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    And they're big enough for me.  I peer the back windshield and the boot would serve as a dog crate, in a pinch.  (She is also not tiny but not enormous, at a bit under 40 pounds.)  When they first started teasing the i-MiEV, I thought it might just be the car--then I realized it wasn't much smaller than, as you said, a Mini Cooper.  And that's bigger than I want!  A Smart, or maybe a Wheego, will find parking spaces where a Mini Cooper couldn't, and I'll also feel like I've wasted less materials.

    I don't deny being silly, but I'm here in between you and Odysseus.  The enclosed motorcycle is intriguing--I was sorry when the Sparrow went under--but it's not quite enough room for me.  I don't buy a ton of groceries or hardware, but I buy some.  Just don't want to be burdened with more vehicle than I need, but sometimes don't want to be tied to feet, buses and cabs--

    •  Sounds like a Smart it is (0+ / 0-)

      OK asym - the SmartED (if we're to believe Daimler) should actually come in a little cheaper than the i-MiEV.  I'm not sure if there's all that much of a boot to it, but if that size suits you, then Smart suggests they'll be for sale this year, and it seems a far better bet than a Wheego or Sparrow, being from a major manufacturer and all that implies.

      One very special feature of the Smart is that it's to my knowledge the only EV line to offer a convertible.  Not sure if you'd care about that, but it adds a nice bit of whimsy.

      Finally Major Grey said, "I think you can see, Bill, that your desire to live without drugs is incompatible with this society." [Wyman Guin, "Beyond Bedlam"]

      by vike on Sun Jan 13, 2013 at 10:32:26 PM PST

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