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    but I don't understand why there is a limit put on the classes. Where do the neighborhood kids go if they don't make it in?
    Our building is getting torn down and rebuilt for 900 kids because it isn't big enough. Since we became an IB school years ago we also have to take a certain amount of outside the neighborhood kids, but not at the cost of the local ones, they are guaranteed a spot whether there is room or not, which is why we have a whole grade level and all the specialists in trailers. It's also in a well to do area. Our parents fund most everything that makes it work, an increasing load since the state has cut funding by billions.

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      It's also being torn down because of uncontrollable mold, termites, REALLY disgusting bathrooms that don't work half the time and when they do, regularly back up and gush out sewage onto the lower walkways. AC units falling out of the ceiling and leaking everywhere else. Stuff like that. It was built (in 1957, a very good year imo) for 450 students and has 700 now.

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