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  •  Nope. (16+ / 0-)

    He used an open, unlocked locker, which was also being used by a homeless man.

    MIT has a very open campus. While the locker was officially on school property, there were neither posted nor implied prohibitions on using it or any other locations on school grounds. The trespassing charges were dropped, because there with no postings and no implied prohibitions, the school had no case.

    The documents he downloaded were downloaded using exactly the same command that you use when you right-click in your browser and choose "save as." He just happens to have written a script that would do the clicking for him.

    Anyone can set up an account on the MIT network - no hacking or special expertise needed. Walk in, sit down, open your laptop, and get to work. Like the rest of the campus, the network is completely open - not accidentally, but by intent. The school has publicly stated that they choose not to implement security protocols that could prevent or slow such access.

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